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12.90 Pea Shooter

8.90 Sniper Jr.

7.90 Sniper Lite 3.25"

7.90 Sniper Lite 3.50"

7.90 Sniper Heavy 3.50"

7.90 Sniper Extreme




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The Black Widow is our latest in clutch technology. Not only does it provide the same great outstanding consistency of our Gold Series Clutches, but we have also developed an Outlaw Version which has some new innovative ideas within it. The Bracket Black Widow is very similar to our Holeshot Gold Series Bracket Clutches. We realize that with each racer comes different needs from both a performing stand point and an aesthetics point of view. Although the Holeshot Gold Series clutch is the top tier clutch and one of the winningest clutches in Jr. Dragster racing, we understand some people would prefer options which is why we have introduce a Bracket version of the Black Widow.

On the outlaw side we have some innovative new ideas within the HP Black Widow clutches. First and foremost is the barrel design. By making some changes to the post, and slight reshaping of the cover, the Black Widow is able to offer the lightest barrel on the market today without sacrificing strength. This new design weighs in at well under 400 grams of total weight. The Black Widow also features the most advanced clutch arms ever produced for a 3 Arm style clutch. The new I-Beam technology allows you to not only adjust weight at the end of the arms, but you may also now adjust arms throughout the middle of the arms also. Button Head Screws and specially made washers allow for the distribution of weight in 3 different locations on the arm. Finally, for the Black Widow clutch we have introduce new sheeve dimension and angles. These sheeves allow a racer to make anywhere from 22-30% overdrive with the same clutch. This will allow outlaw racer to run a multitude of gear ratios depending upon their personal preference.

The Black Widow offers our Bracket Racers the same great performance with a new look, and our Outlaw Racers with new technology to continue the improvement of their programs.

Bracket Black Widow - $995

Outlaw Black Widow - $1,250