12.90 Pea Shooter

8.90 Sniper Jr.

7.90 Sniper Lite 3.25"

7.90 Sniper Lite 3.50"

7.90 Sniper Heavy 3.50"

7.90 Sniper Extreme

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12.90 Pea Shooter

8.90 Sniper Jr.

7.90 Sniper Lite 3.25"

7.90 Sniper Lite 3.50"

7.90 Sniper Heavy 3.50"

7.90 Sniper Extreme




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At Huddleston Performance we are always looking for better ways to keep our customers informed of what we have available. Our Used Engine section has developed into a great forum to help people find used combinations, therefore, we decided to also offer a place to see our current New Inventory. These are BRAND NEW engines which we currently have in stock and are ready for immediate shipment. This section will also tell you about engines which are currently going together and will be available for purchase in the near future. If you have any questions on the engines you see listed here, feel free to contact us.

Number of New Engines currently in stock and ready for immediate shipment - 5

(1 - 11.90 , 0 - 8.90, 1 - 7.90 Lite, 0 - 7.90 Heavy, 1 - Briggs 206, 2 - Clones)


While we try to maintain a steady stream of completed motors on the shelf at all times, there are moments when we may not have everything sitting in stock. However, we currently have some of all HP Motors going together right now. If you do not see the exact combo you are looking for in stock, call us today and we can have you ready to go in just a few days!


Number of New Cars currently in stock and ready for immediate shipment - 0

(We currently have new cars in production right now. If you are in the new car market give us a call today!)

New HP Cars

We currently have brand new HP Assassin Chassis's in the works and will have them ready for delivery shortly! If you are in the market for a new car, you owe it to yourself to check out our Assassin Turn-Key or Rolling cars. You won't find a better piece anywhere!

Any of these may be purchased as a Turn-Key unit. See our Turn-Key pages for prices and details.

Base Rolling Price: $6,795

11.90 Pea Shooter

We currently have 1 of our 11.90 Pea Shooters in stock and ready for immediate shipment. However, if you are in the market for a great 11.90 combinations then call us today and we can start on your combo! These are the single best 11.90 combinations in Jr. Dragster racing. If you have a serious racer and are wanting to dominate the 11.90 competition then this is the combination for you. Call today to get your hands on this motor! For full details Click Here.

7.90 Sniper Heavy

We currently have one of our 7.90 Sniper Heavy's in stock and ready for immediate delivery. The one currently here even includes an upgrade to our latest 3 5/8" Bore Diameter! This is the baddest motor your money can buy today. These motors get the same great longevity as our other combinations, but run 7.90's in excess of 500 lbs. The 7.90 Sniper Heavy 3.5's are not for the faint of heart, these are big bad monsters that only the biggest of kids truly have a need for. If you are in need of a big fast motor then this is the one for you. Check out  the full details on the 7.90 Sniper Heavy 3.5's here.

7.90 Sniper Lite 3.5"

We are currently have 1 new HP 7.90 Sniper Lite 3.5 in stock, and 2 more under construction. This is the same combination that racers all over the country have dominated on the local and national level all season. This season alone these engines collected National Championships, Series Championships, and Local Track Championships. If you are looking to move into 7.90 for 2014, this could be the perfect combo for you. For complete details check them out here.

8.90 Sniper Jr.

We currently have 2 new HP 8.90 Sniper Jr. under construction and soon to be completed. This is hands down the best 8.90 combination available today. Multiple race wins, championships, and thousands of round wins make these motors the class of any field. As with our other engines these are also available as complete packages, so be sure to call not only about a new 8.90 motor but also a Holeshot Series Clutch. For full details on the 8.90 Sniper Jr. click here. (Shown with optional 33 mm Carb. Top and Bowl Kits)

Magnum Series Clone

We always try to keep one of each type of Magnum Series Clone engine in stock. We currently have 2 Clones in  stock and ready to go. These motors are on the shelf and ready for immediate shipment. If you are looking for a great starter engine just to get your feet wet in Jr. Racing then look no further than the Magnum Series Clone. For more information check out these awesome cost effective engines here