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Second Time is the Charm for Bobby Kernwein, Takes Byron Dragway Victory with HP 11.90 Pea Shooter Turn-Key Car

Bobby Kernwein is quickly getting use to finding the Winner's Circle with his 2014 HP Assassin 11.90 Turn-Key Car. After a strong 2014 season where he captured a number of race wins, Bobby has started his 2015 season off even stronger!

The Kernwein Team began their 2015 season at the opening Midwest Jr. Series event last weekend. There they grabbed Runner-Up honors in their very first outing of the year. That wouldn't be enough for young Bobby though, his team came into Byron Raceway this past weekend looking for the victory. That is exactly what they'd find as both Bobby and crew chief Bob Kernwein did everything right to park their HP Assassin hotrod in the Winner's Circle!

Congratulations to Bobby on a great start to his 2015 season, keep up the great work!

Allyson Downs Finds Winner Circle Early in 2015 with HP 8.90 Sniper Jr. Package

Allyson Downs and her team have been diehard HP Racers from the beginning of their Jr. Career. After a great 11.90 career with her HP 11.90 Pea-Shooter Package, Allyson made the switch to an HP 8.90 Sniper Jr. combo. The 2014 season wasn't exactly what they'd hoped for, but in 2015 Allyson has come out swinging by already grabbing a victory at Summit Motorsports Park.

This past weekend Allyson was able to use great reaction times, great driving, and a consistent hotrod to grab the early season win. After knocking the tree over in time trials with staller .000 and .001 reaction times, Allyson settled into a groove for the remainder of the race. Never moving their dial in from 8.90, the Downs Family worked through an always tough field at Summit Motorsports Park to capture the race win!

We want to congratulate Allyson and her team on the first of many wins to come in 2015!

Keenan Myers Mows Through Knoxville Dragway Field to Capture Win and Early Points Lead

Keenan Myers has racked up the race wins at Knoxville Dragway over the past few seasons with his HP Hardware. This past weekend he continued that success with his first trip out with a fresh HP 7.90 Sniper XL Package.

Keenan used a string of great lights and a consistent hotrod to capture the win light repeatedly. By the end of the night he found himself sitting in the Winner's Circle yet again, and grabbing hold of the Knoxville Dragway points lead in the process!

Congratulations to Keenan and his entire team on a great beginning to their 2015 season!

Ashton Frazier Rocks Southwest Texas for Third Straight Win with HP 7.90 Assassin Turn-Key Car

Ashton Frazier is quickly becoming the worst nightmare of all the racers in Southwest Texas and Eastern New Mexico. After a strong start in 2014 with his new HP 7.90 Assassin Turn- Key Car, Ashton has continued that success in 2015 thus far!

This past weekend Ashton collected yet another race win, bringing his tally to 3 race wins in a row. For those of you keeping track, that is an astounding 19 rounds without a loss! A consistent string of great lights, and an ultra consistent hotrod being kept up by his father and crew chief Niles Frazier, has helped Ashton rack up the race wins!

Congratulations to Ashton and the entire Frazier Family on a great start to your 2015 season!

Royal Purple Joins Forces with Lowmad PX Team and Huddleston Performance

Royal Purple Synthetic Lubricants is continuing to expand their reach in the motorsports market place in 2015. The most recent addition to their team is the world famous Lowmad Pro Extreme entry driven by Thomas Huddleston.

A world leader in the lubricants department, Royal Purple’s involvement with the Lowmad Team will see them target opposite ends of the spectrum in 2015. Not only will Royal Purple become the exclusive liquid used in the PDRA contested Lowmad, but they will also be the exclusive motor oil of Huddleston Performance, a leader in the Jr. Dragster Industry.

Lowmad driver and head engine builder at Huddleston Performance, Thomas Huddleston, had this to say of the newly formed partnership, “We have used Royal Purple products for years in our own equipment. To be able to work with them on a Marketing level now is something very exciting for us. We’re proud to have their name on the side of the Lowmad, and to help bring them to a younger generation of racer through our Jr. Dragster business. It is always exciting to work with a group who you feel truly is the best in their industry, and Royal Purple certainly is that in the lubricants world!”

Look for the Lowmad Team on track again at the upcoming PDRA Mid America Open at Gateway International Raceway in St. Louis, MO, May 28-30. For more information about all the products Royal Purple Synthetic Lubricants offers, visit them at www.RoyalPurple.com .

A Big Congratulations to the Huddleston Performance Family

Normally you read about our various Winner's from the previous weekend on our front page. While there are a lot of new reads below, we wanted to take a moment and congratulate a number of racers who were very successful this weekend using our HP Products. We still have some stories coming in from this past weekend, but we want to make sure every Racer is recognized for their awesome accomplishments!

We'd like to congratulate the following Winner's from this past weekend:

Makenna Brown - 2015 HP Assassin 7.90 Lite Turn-Key Car

Allyson Downs - HP 8.90 Sniper Jr. Package

Adam Shinski - HP 7.90 Sniper Lite Package

Simon Shinski - HP 11.90 Pea-Shooter Package

Colby Jones - HP 8.90 Sniper Jr.

Kaden Jones - HP 8.90 Sniper Jr.

Benjamin Spotts - HP 7.90 Sniper Lite Package

Madi Miodowski - HP 11.90 Pea-Shooter Package

Ashton Frazier - 2014 HP Assassin 7.90 Lite Turn-Key Car

Samantha Miodowski - LO206 Package


We'd also like to extend a big congratulations out to some Runner-Ups we had this weekend:


Mia Schultz - 2014 HP Assassin 8.90 Sniper Jr. Turn-Key Car

Preston Tanner - 2013 HP Assassin 7.90 Sniper Lite Turn-Key Car

Nolan Smiley - HP 8.90 Sniper Jr. Package

Morgan Miodowski - 2015 HP Assassin 8.90 Sniper Jr. Turn-Key Car

Shelby Hamilton - HP 7.90 Sniper Lite Package


Great job everybody this past weekend! We're proud to be a part of your success on the race track. Keep up the awesome work!



Ashton Frazier Continues Dominance of Southwest, Collects 2 Race Wins and 13 Straight Round Wins



Ashton Frazier has been on fire since taking delivery of his HP Assassin 7.90 Lite Turn-Key Car. A number of race wins made his 2014 season a great one, and he's already off to a strong start in 2015. This weekend Ashton grabbed the victory not only in his Age Group, but also in the Gambler's Race!


Ashton started the weekend strong in his Age Group by grabbing the race win. He put together a nearly unbeatable package in the finals with a nice .021 light and ran a dead on 7.903 on his 7.90 dial. That wouldn't be good enough for him though, he backed that up by taking home the win in the Gambler's Race that same day. He put together an even better package in that final with an amazing .011 light and dead on 7.902 for the victory! Ashton took home an astounding 13 straight round wins to grab 2 wins and go undefeated for the weekend.


Dad, Crew Chief, and Car Owner Niles Frazier had this to say of their HP Assassin Turn-Key Car, "The Assassin is the best car on the planet. We went 13 rounds in a row without a loss. Car did amazing and got our first win (or wins) of the 2015 season. Thank you guys for building an awesome machine!"


We want to congratulate Ashton on a great weekend of racing, and thank them for being such a great representative of Huddleston Performance!


Makenna Brown Puts New 2015 HP Assassin 7.90 Lite Turn-Key Car in Winner Circle Second Weekend Out

Makenna Brown and her team are some of the most recognizable in the Jr. World. Pair that with outstanding driving, along with great hardware and you have the perfect mix for a lot of race wins!

Makenna continued her great Jr. Career this past weekend by bringing her brand new 2015 HP Assassin 7.90 Lite Turn-Key Car to Pacemakers Dragway where she would find the Winner's Circle yet again. Makenna opened the weekend by grabbing the race win in the Junior Major Class. Consistent driving and a consistent hot rod gave her everything she needed to grab the early season win! She would then follow that up with a Runner-Up finish in the Pacemakers Second Chance Race that afternoon!

Congratulations to Makenna and the entire Jegs Team on a great win, and a great start with their new 2015 HP Assassin TK Car.

Benjamin Spotts Makes 8.90 to 7.90 Transition Look Easy, Takes First Win at Numidia Dragway

Benjamin Spotts didn't take long to find the Winner's Circle with his brand new HP 7.90 Sniper Lite Package. In fact, he marched right through the first field that he entered in 7.90 action. Great driving and a deadly consistent ride helped Benjamin not only get his first win of 2015 but also his first in 7.90 competition!

Benjamin and his crew chief Marlin Spotts came into the weekend with no test data on their new HP 7.90 Sniper Lite Package. That wouldn't be an issue for the proven 8.90 competitor though, as he put together a string of great packages to take home the win in his first outing!

We would like to say a big congratulations to Benjamin on the perfect start to his 7.90 career!

Shinski Family Puts New Hardware in Winner Circle First Weekend Out at I-29 Dragway

The Shinski Family has been Team HP for many years now. For the past few seasons you have read about big brother Adam Shinski doing all the winning with his HP 8.90 Sniper Jr. Package. Now there is a second Shinski in the mix as little brother Simon Shinski has joined the 11.90 ranks, and it appears as though the race wins will be doubling with Simon in the seat!

Simon started the weekend off strong with his brand new HP 11.90 Pea-Shooter Package. His first run of 11.889, on a new combo with no testing, set the tone for the weekend in the 8&9 Year Old Division. He marched his way through the competition and found himself in the Winner's Circle for the first time in 2015. His great driving and the tuning of his father Charles Shinski, helped put their HP 11.90 Pea-Shooter Package out front in its debut!

Not to be out done, older brother Adam Shinski parked himself beside his brother in the Winner's Circle with his new HP 7.90 Sniper Lite Package. In the same fashion, Adam didn't get any test time before the season began. He found his groove early on in the seat, and his crew chief dialed the car in expertly in a short amount of time to grab the win!

We want to congratulate the entire Shinski Family on not only grabbing a pair of wins, but doing so in their first weekend on with new combos!

Jones Brothers Dominate Middle Tennesee Dragway with HP 8.90 Sniper Jr. Combos

The Jones Brothers, Kaden and Colby, have been racking up the wins at Middle Tennessee Dragway over the past year or 2 with their HP 8.90 Sniper Jr. combos. This past weekend they pulled off a feat that is rarely seen in Jr. Racing, both brothers found the Winner's Circle in one weekend!

Both Kaden and Colby came to Middle Tennessee Dragway looking to collect more hardware with their HP 8.90 Sniper Jr. combos. Not only would each of them collect more hardware, but they wouldn't leave much for the rest of the competitions as they took both race wins this past Saturday night!

We want to congratulate both Kaden and Colby on an outstanding evening at the racetrack!


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