Sometimes situations arise where you may need angle plates to get the desire angle for your engine. That is why Huddleston Performance has both 8 and 15 degree angle plates. These angle plates are made of 6061 aluminum and lightened in the center. We have also put 3 sets of motor mount holes, this is to help with belt adjustment. As you turn the motor at more of an angle you must slide it back to keep belt tension the same. These extra bolt holes allow you to do this. We have also tapped the 4 holes which bolt to your motorplate. This allows you to run a bolt through your motorplate and into the angle plates and not have to deal with the headaches of putting nuts on each bolt.

These are not necessary on most HP Combinations, so carry for availability. If not in stock, it only takes a few days to get them headed your way!


8 and 15 Degree Angle Plates - $74.95