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Allison Lloyd Claims Second Championship of 2015, Takes Raider ET Challenge Championship with HP 7.90 Lite Package

Allison Lloyd and her team owned much of the Virginia and Maryland areas in 2015. Collecting a number of round wins and race wins throughout the year, which led to her capturing season championships all over both states as well. This time around she collected the Raider ET Challenge Series Championship with her HP 7.90 Lite Package.

Allison was 1 of nearly 100 entries to contest for the Raider ET Challenge Championship in 2015. As only the second female racer to ever win the championship, Allison did so in convincing fashion as she took 24 of the 32 round wins available in the series throughout the year! Her great driving and ultra consistent HP 7.90 3.5 Lite Package were the key to grabbing her second championship of the 2015 season!

We want to congratulate Allison and her team on a stellar 2015 racing season!

Jace Head Continues To Own Hobbs Motorsports Park, Earns Third Straight Track Championship in HP 7.90 Turn-Key Car

Jace Head has been dominant at Hobbs Motorsports Park for the last 3 years. Ever since taking delivery of his HP 8.90 Turn-Key Car he has been nearly unstoppable! Jace has since made the switch to the 7.90 ranks, but the results have stayed the same!

Racing in a tricky part of the world in New Mexico, Jace and his team do a great job of adapting to the situations. Their HP 7.90 Sniper Lite Package has helped them stay consistent, as the desert air changes around them. Over the past 3 season they have proved their consistency by taking the Hobbs Motorsports Park Track Championship 3 years in a row! Their team, paired with their HP 7.90 Assassin Turn-Key Car has made for a great run of wins and championships!

We want to congratulate Jace and his entire team on yet another outstanding season!

Bobby Kernwein Caps Off Dream Season with Midwest 11.90 Index Championship in HP 11.90 Turn-Key Car

The Kernwein Family put on an 11.90 clinic in 2015 with their HP 11.90 Assassin Turn-Key Car. Bobby Kernwein did an outstanding job of driving on both ends of the race track to collect a number of wins. When all was said and done, those wins added up to earn him the Midwest 11.90 Index Championship in 2015!

Throughout the season Bobby has been tough to handle at every venue he has raced. At no place has he been tougher than the Midwest Series though. After a ton of round wins which included one race win, Bobby found himself holding the 11.90 Index Championship hardware at the conclusion of the season.

Crew Chief Bob Kernwein had these great words about his HP 11.90 Assassin Turn-Key Car, "We would like to thank the crew at Huddleston Performance for such an outstanding season. We had a total of 3 wins, 4 runner-ups, and 2 semi's in our last season of 11.90. We won the Midwest Series 11.90 Index Championship and second place for the Midwest 6-9 Age Group. What a great season we had!"

We want to congratulate the Kernwein Team on a great 2015 season, and wish them all the luck in 2016 as they enter the world of 8.90 racing!

Emilee Novak Ends Jr. Career on Top, Takes Midwest 7.90 Index Championship with HP 7.90 TK Car

Emilee Novak has been a thorn in the side of Midwest Racers for many years now. As her Jr. Career came to an end in 2015 she showed her skill one last time by claiming the Midwest Series 7.90 Index Championship!

Emilee drove the wheels off her HP 7.90 Lite Turn-Key Car to grab yet another Championship this season. After missing the first race of the season, Emilee went on a tear to make up the ground she lost early in the year. She earned herself a race win, 2 runner-up finishes, and a number of late round appearances to take back her spot at the top of the 7.90 points by season's end.

Congratulations to Emilee and the entire Novak family on a great season and Jr. Career.



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